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Individual Counselling

Embracing change after significant life events can be daunting, whether it's positive shifts like adopting healthier habits or more challenging ones such as coping with loss or divorce. Our counselors understand the impact of events on mental health. We provide a supportive environment to help you navigate these transitions, empowering you to identify areas of control, set goals, and acquire coping skills for each new experience.

Navigating the complexities of cultural identity is essential in today's diverse world. Whether you're a recent immigrant or a third-generation Canadian, your heritage profoundly influences your life. With heightened awareness of systemic racism, making unbiased decisions is imperative. But where to begin? Let us be your guide in exploring how cultural factors shape your interactions, decisions, and relationships. Together, we'll uncover ways to integrate your culture into society and broaden your perspective through a multicultural lens. Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and cultural understanding.

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Student Counselling

Transitioning into young adulthood is an exciting yet challenging journey. Suddenly, you're faced with a whole new set of responsibilities and decisions to make. From managing finances to navigating post-secondary options, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But guess what? You're not alone in this!
Our counselors are here to be your guide through this exciting phase of life. Whether you're stressing about academic planning, adjusting to life after high school, or dealing with relationship troubles, we've got your back. We'll help you set realistic goals, manage stress, and navigate the ups and downs of young adulthood with confidence.

Our counselors are here to support you through this transition, offering guidance on various aspects of young adulthood, including:
Academic planning and stress management
Adjusting to post-secondary life
Setting realistic expectations