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Vocational & Career Counselling

Career counselling

Vocation has a different meaning to each person; a gateway to a rewarding career or a means to an end in finding a job to afford the cost of living. Learning a vocation is often the best chance a person has in achieving financial security. The long term goal is to achieve independence, economic self-sufficiency and build self-esteem through the occupation. 

Vocational Counselling, or Rehabilitation, is a set of services designed to practice a vocation in a productive way. Together we will focus on workplace requirements and performance, including aptitude, determining physical and cognitive abilities, as well as help you locate training programs. We work with you on building communication and interpersonal skills that will help you learn how to make professional and evidence-based decisions. 

Workplace Health Counselling

Work Safe Referrals Accepted


Mental health problems affect many employees - a fact overlooked because these disorders are often hidden behind the job. When mental health disorders go unrecognized and untreated, it can lead to damaging an individual's overall health, relationship with colleagues, and potentially jeopardizing their career. Learn how to identify work barriers and coping skills to improve your mental well being and enhance your job performance. 

  • Identify and manage work related stress

  • Build your work interpersonal skills

  • Develop conflict resolutions toolbox

  • Manage workplace bullying and harassment through problem solving

  • Facilitate and support career change

  • Identify issues related to job performance

Post Accident Counselling

ICBC Referrals Accepted


You may have been in a traffic accident that has left you afraid or feeling anxious when riding or driving in a vehicle. If you are having trouble sleeping, nightmares or flashbacks of the accident, you may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress. 

We will focus on alleviating your symptoms through varied prescribed therapy in your sessions using Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Exposure therapy, Group therapy. For children, we work with them using therapeutic play.