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Transitioning into Young Adulthood is difficult, all of a sudden you have different priorities - maybe the things you have never had to think about before. Rearranging your life to afford food, rent,  pay your bills become your main concerns. Add on the pressures of deciding on a post-secondary path of heading to university or trying to find a passion in life to follow becomes overwhelming. We learn to manage the challenges, but the pressures of our own expectations to succeed can be unbearable.  Your counsellors will  help you maneuver through:  

  • Academic Planning and Stress Management

  • Adjusting to post secondary life

  • Creating reasonable achievable expectations

  • Family or Relationship Troubles

  • Loss and/or Grief

  • Past experiences of physical, sexual or emotional violence

  • Other mental health challenges

If you identify with these concerns, connect with us so we are able to help you organize your thoughts and feelings.