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Life Change Counselling

New Leaf

"Turning over a new leaf" means to start over, act or behave differently when you have experienced something that has shaken up the world around you. This new attitude has challenged your values and belief system and you feel pressured to quickly adapt. Positive changes such as eating healthier or changing jobs can bring hopes and joys of an exciting future; while negative changes such as loss of a family member or divorce can be stressful and overwhelming.
You may be impacted by:

  • Job Relocation

  • Empty Nest Syndrome

  • Religious Conversion

  • Environmental shifts - Isolation, Separation Anxiety

  • Your Second Act in life

When faced with these situations, it can be difficult to recognize how much it may affect your mental health. Our counsellors will help you identify where you have control, set goals to help you adapt to changes and you will gain new skills to manage each new experience as it arises. You will be able to navigate these transitions in life with a new and redefined perspective. 

I didn't know where I was going until I got there
- Cheryl Strayed