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About Us

"At River District Counselling & Wellness, we embrace diversity and inclusion, valuing each individual's unique journey. Our dedicated counsellors create a safe space where authenticity is celebrated, fostering healthy connections and promoting mental wellness. We honor the richness of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, recognizing the importance of every person's story. Our mission is to educate, support, and provide therapy, guiding each individual towards resilience and holistic well-being through a collaborative approach to mind-body wellness."
-Yvonne and Melissa

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Individual Counselling

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and healing begins with our individual counseling sessions. Whether you're seeking support for anxiety, depression, trauma, or simply looking for personal growth, our experienced counselors are dedicated to helping you find clarity, strength, and empowerment.

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Youth and Family Counselling

We understand the intricate dynamics of family life and prioritize open communication. Our skilled RDC Counsellors act as neutral mediators, guiding constructive dialogue to enhance family dynamics. Together, we'll navigate challenges and provide tools to cope with stress, fostering a nurturing environment where every member can thrive.

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Career Counselling

Vocational counseling sessions offer a safe space for authentic exploration. Our Career Exploration Packages guide clients in identifying their career trajectory with confidence. Explore aspirations over 3-4 sessions, gain personalized insights, receive detailed reports, and benefit from ongoing support.

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Individual Counselling

  • $ 170 - 90 Minutes Initial Session
  • $ 150 - 50 Minutes Subsequent Session

Couple's or Family Counselling

  • $ 250 - 90 Minutes Initial Session
  • $ 190 - 75 Minutes Subsequent Session

ICBC Counselling

  • $ 236 - 90 Minutes Initial Visit and Report
  • $ 140 - 50 Minutes Subsequent Session

Parent or Family Support

  • $ 250 - 90 Minutes Initial Session
  • $ 150 - 50 Minutes Subsequent Session

We provide affordable counselling for students and those facing financial concerns.
For details, email [email protected] or ask a counsellor during your consultation.

Please note all sessions are applicable to provincial taxes (GST 5%)  which are not included in the pricing